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Isagenix Now Offers Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes!

Isagenix introduces a new probiotics and digestive enzyme! If you haven’t heard the news yet that your gut is your second brain, well now you have! Researchers are coming out with all kinds of science that supports taking care of your gut bacterias. The bottom line is that the foods you take in create the type of bacterias in your intestinal digestive tract. Of course our goals with health and wellness would be to have all good, healthy, micro nutrient dense foods ingested everyday which would support a super alkaline, balanced gut flora helping us to feel our best. BUT, we all know that we are having hard times getting all those nutrients in our daily regime. So, having an opportunity to support your intestines with the best nutritional supplements can go a long way in how good we feel everyday.

Digestive Tract - Isagenix Enzymes

IsaBiome™ Daily Digestive Health System

Isagenix Probiotics and DIgestive Enzymes
IsaBiome™ Daily Digestive Health System

Three reasons Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are good for you:

  • Your Immune System Love Probiotics!

It is said that 80% of your immune system lives in your digestive tract, so yea – uh – let’s boost those healthy good bacterias – for obvious reasons! Removing sugars and toxic food ingredients and adding probiotics to your daily routine can have a profound effect on your health!

  • Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are your friends with Digestion!

Let’s be honest about our consumption of superfoods and how MUCH we are actually getting in! It’s ok, it’s hard to even know what foods are best to get in everyday with all the information out there. It is however important to find them, and get them in each day! Without them we are creating an environment where our body won’t be able to benefit from them if your gut environment isn’t teeming with healthy bacteria. That’s why including enzymes and probiotics and superfoods into your diet everyday will help your bacterias in your digestive tract. In return your bacterias will help to break down foods better and allow those healthy nutrients to enter your body! If your gut bacterias are not healthy, your body will not be able to receive those nutrients. Incorporating probiotics and digestive enzymes will help your gut in more way than one!

  • Need More Energy?

Having a healthier gut flora will naturally give you more energy. Why? Because having a healthy gut microbiome means your body is digesting all the proper nutrients you are supplying yourself (if you are eating healthy) and breaking down nutrients allowing them to be sent to all parts of your body. Thus, creating more energy in your body! So – taking digestive enzymes and probiotics is a win win!